Sunday Mornings

I am glad to be back in a routine where Sundays differ from the rest of the week. Sundays do bring so much along with them, high hopes of exercising at 5 a.m., a couple of extra hours for self grooming, maybe some time ( & money) well spent online shopping and a lot of potential action items on my check list which remain unchecked as twilight approaches. I wish I could do it all as planned(sigh)..
Although one thing I have managed to stick to consistently over many Sundays is cook away unhurried, while enjoying the entire process of making breakfast. Moong dal ke Paranthe is what I made for breakfast today, and they turned out to be a simple yet satisfying meal. The recipe is quite straightforward. All you have to do is coarsely grind washed and soaked moong dal with a couple of green chillies and mix it with wheat flour. To the mixture you need to add turmeric powder, chilli powder, cumin seeds, a pinch asafoetida, dhaniya powder and some freshly chopped cilantro, salt, oil and just enough water to make a smooth dough. Thats it. Leave the dough covered for about 20 minutes.
Make triangular paranthas and fry them on a skillet with as little oil or butter possible. I am partial to curd so I would say some curd with chilli and jeera powder and salt added to it will make the best accompaniment for these paranthas.


The recipe is originally from


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