Green tea and great advice

This space has been quiet for the past couple of weeks. But I have tiptoed here during this time, cleaning up drafts, choosing pictures for posts, reading my previous posts while getting embarrassed at the typos and the grammar. Alas! Even after all this I haven’t managed to eek out a single post from my drafts folder. My experiments in the kitchen have continued though and so have my endless trips to the grocery store. After what seems like ages I made a pizza which I’m slightly uncomfortable naming (the name according to me is a misnomer which I would like to clarify in a future post).

I also made brownies for the first time ( I have made brownies before , to be more specific cheesecake brownies but I dare not show my pictures of a ‘cracked cheesecake top’  to the seasoned cheesecake brownie bakers.) What if Dorie Greenspan herself looks at them and mutters under her breath ” Tsk…tsk..Is this what she really got from my book ?” I never ever want her to say that. But these brownies that I baked last week are truly a piece of art and kudos to the food blogger, photographer and recipe developer who comes up with such amazing eggless dessert recipes every time. With her permission I would be posting the brownie recipe or else linking a post to her website. Either ways you will for sure have a go-to eggless brownie recipe in your recipe box.

I also churned butter. Ha ! I do it every fortnight! (Do I hear an applause?). While our mothers’ generation will laugh it off as a silly misconception of superiority, I take great pride in thinking so. Fewer and fewer people are following what I like to call ‘The milk tradition’ day by day. Due to a ready availability of yogurt, butter and other milk products in the market one may find it redundant to follow this tradition. From a half a litre pack of full cream milk everyday, to a generous reserve of white butter and a crucial little pot of clarified butter, I like it all homemade. And I would also like to tell you about it.  And to all of you who have gone steps ahead of me and make their own cheese at home, drop in a mail and say “Hi”. I’ll follow you like a puppy.

People often ask me what I do all day, since they assume that being jobless, childless (as of now) and cooking and cleaning just for two means lots and lots of free time. This question puts me in a spot because I know the answer would be gibberish to most of them. Sometimes it makes me want to run back to my ex-workplace. Perhaps, I will never ever be able to perfectly answer that question.But that’s okay. This space is where I can give you the perfect answer: I read. A lot. I read food blogs, travelogues, ingredient information, blogger and chef profiles, cookbooks. I devour it all. I hope one day I’m able to come up with an impressive list of the best blogs and books in the world of gastronomy. If you have one, do let me know.

Too much talk isn’t it?  Dont mind the delirium. I have been under the weather for the past couple of days and my head is spinning with too many ideas. And honestly for once I hope this pushes me out of my blogging lethargy. With a cup of green tea in my hand, holding my snotty breath, I’d like to advice myself…’Write what you want, more importantly what means most to you, do not lurk, do not hesitate, do not photoshop. Just go with it !’



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