Measuring cups and spoons

I bought this set of plastic measuring cups a couple of weeks back. I already owned one but I needed another because when it comes to washing and rewashing bakeware, I am already running miles away. I literally have to drag myself to the sink to wash a cup or two when I have to measure out a solid ingredient after a liquid greasy ingredient like butter. And dont even get me started on how I feel about drying them after all the washing!

So when I spotted this set at Homestop, Inorbit Vashi, I instantly knew I had to buy it. This is a 19 piece set with 10 cup measures and 9 spoon measures. What I love about this set is that it has a variety of odd cup measures besides the standard sizes. The cup measures range from 1/8 cup to 2 cups with a number of really useful measures in between.  So this set is a blessing for those who regularly double or half a recipe and also for all the lazy cuckoos like me. I absolutely adore the smallest spoon measures:  dash (1/8 tsp) pinch (1/16 tsp) and smidgen (1/32 teaspoon) , though I haven’t actually used them yet 🙂 .  S-M-I-D-G-E-N..I think I just love saying smidgen :D. I used this set for a recipe I had previously tested and I did not find any discrepancy in the results and the cup measures seem to be accurate.

I detest using plastic when baking, so much so that I’m not even comfortable using microwave safe plastic containers. So this goes without saying that I wont be really happy using this set for hot liquids .The box carrying them nowhere mentions that they are microwave safe either. But the attractive colours and the variety of cup measures kind of makes it up for me.  Until I buy a glass liquid measuring cup, a bunch of stainless steel measuring cups and a kitchen scale, this impulsive purchase of mine is here to stay.

Make : Progressive international

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  1. It’s brilliant to have all those different measures, so much more easy than having to think ‘1/8 cup… now how many tablespoons is that…?’ 🙂

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