Now is just not the time

Dropped in to say Hi I am here or maybe just a way to reassure myself that all is well.  Though I have a number of posts in my drafts section waiting for their turn to get published, it doesnt feel right to do things half heartedly. I am eager to thumb through  Molly Wizenberg’s ‘ A homemade life’ again and more than that to tell you how effortlessly she has intertwined her life story around food. I still remember the magnificent golden French toast inspired from the recipe in her book. I also want to tell you about the Italian breadsticks that double up as a rustic centre piece on a breakfast table spread. My secret love for Nutella lost its chance as Nutella day came and went. I cant wait to share all this with you. But life asks me to wait and it feels like I am being asked to hold my breath for too long. Now is just not the time it tells me.




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